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Granite worktops

From laminate and wood to granite MBK can supply work surfaces made from many different materials and sources. High pressure 40mm laminate worktops are still popular worktops especially with the great range of designs available. Timber worktops still have their place in the kitchen but you have to be aware that timber is porous and can be damaged quite easily. However Granite and Quartz tops have dropped dramatically in price, owing to the greater availability worldwide, resulting in an increase in the number of clients choosing this type of surface. Also with the increase in awareness in Eco friendly products there are now ranges of Eco-friendly quartz’s produced by Silestone. MBK display laminate, quartz, granite, eco-friendly Silestone worktops and samples of acrylic based products including Corian, Encore and Minerva. The different work surfaces enable more inventive kitchen design with each product having its own merits and restrictions.

Solid Surfaces
Granite Worktops

Granites from all over the world all available templated, supplied and installed by specialist contractors where required. MBK have displays and samples available for our clients. Our granite fabricators have very large stocks of granite, ensuring continuity of colour, and are very competitive; all the solid surfaces are treated with Stain-Proof Original by DryTreat, the only sealer with a 15 year warranty, a warranty not offered by many other companies. We are can be found on Granite Worktops Locally .

With our appointment as Dry-Treat stockists and applicators we now offer a 15 year Warranty against staining on all our natural stone products once treated, unlike many of our competitors. Before you accept quotes from other granite suppliers ask if they can match that warranty.. Be aware that granite is a natural product and as such varies in colour and look.

Quartz solid surfaces are available in many colours and compositions templated, supplied and installed by
specialist contractors. MBK has an Eco friendly Silestone and the Nobel Carrara quartz worktop. Quartz is often available in different thicknesses, from 20mm to 40mm. We treat all our quartz solid surfaces with Stain-Proof Original by DryTreat the only sealer with a 15 year warranty. Quartz tops are consistent in colour and are favoured when you require light colours.

Acrylic based worktops such as Corian , Minerva and Encore are the seamless solid work surface and will provide a truly wonderful tactile top, however you must be aware that due to the manufacturing process they do scratch quite easily, although this can be buffed out.

Our clients have chosen these types of tops for the design benefits in a kitchen.

Timber worktops are still used as working areas and display areas, Available in many different timbers they need to be sanded and oiled on installation up to 4 coats of oil. They will then require continual up keeping to ensure they remain waterproof, sanding and oiling them regularly. Some clients will leave the worktops so they wear and have a used look. Its a choice of how you want your kitchen to look after all it is Your kitchen.

Quartz worktops
Encore solid surface
Laminate Worktops
Laminate Timber effect Worktop
Laminate Granite effect worktop

Laminate worktops will never go out of fashion. A good laminate worktop if looked after will last many years and still look really good. The main companies producing worktops are Formica, Bushboard, Duropal
and Plasman.

Prima, Axion, Omega, Artis and Oddessy are ranges from these fabricators and cover all possible finishes from high gloss tops to imitation timer and granite finishes. Some of the finishes they obtain are incredibly clever and have fooled many a client. The range of stones,woods, patterns and colours creates a wide palette of variety and individuality to get the unique looks, quality and functionality you desire at a competitive price.

Kitchen Accessories and clever storage solutions
Pull out storage basket set chrome linear wire baskets for cabinet soft-closing

The number of accessories available to kitchen clients has increased over the years, technology has enabled manufacturers to bring to the market a number of very clever corner solutions with a variety of different finishes and many pull out basket combinations providing different storage solutions, with baskets fitting all base cabinet widths. Due to the increase in recycling required by the consumer there are also many different waste bin options available.

Space saver bin

Space Tower

Hard vinyl fllooring light oak

MBK are able to offer multiple floor varieties including Amtico, Karndean, Nobo, Natural Stone, Porcelain and ceramic tiles, sheet vinyl, Unnatural flooring, Aquastep and Marmoleum.

Amtico, Karndean and Nobo are types of hard vinyl flooring in tile sizes.

Aqaustep is a plastic formed laminate type flooring.

Marmoleum and Unnatural flooring are thick sheet vinyls.

Hard vinyl kitchen flooring


Caudwell star galaxy

A painted traditional kitchen with Star Galaxy granite 30mm worktops in East Farleigh.

A kitchen also in East Farleigh was a vinyl wrapped traditional kitchen with timber effect laminate worktops, supplied and installed by the recommended installation firm.

Brocklehurst laminate