NoCalc – Water / Limescale Treatment

NoCalc® is the new, revolutionary and economic way to deal with hard water. NoCalc® is an innovative and patented system against lime scale and corrosion which adds a small quantity of silicopolyphosphate to the water (less than 5ppm), which neutralises (seals) the calcium and magnesium. The calcium no longer settles, your installations and equipment will be protected and their lifespan prolonged. The method respects the WHO and FAO food grade. It is 100% safe for human consumption through drinking water. In addition, the dosing mechanism always adds the exact dosage to the consumption of water. No risk of fouling or overdosing. NoCalc® is highly capable, small and easy to fit, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, the water remains 100% safe for drinking and you save money – £230.00 for the supply including 2 replacement cartridges & sensor.

This package will last approx. 2 years before replacement cartridges are required, a twin cartridge pack costs £70  and each last approx. 9 months each dependent on water usage. Installation requires no electrics and costs from £150 subject to survey. We supply NoCalc to all areas of Kent, and it sells well in the Maidstone and surrounding villages where we have quite hard lime scale.

Success in the battle against Limescale and corrosion

A Special price is available to all clients of £455 including the supply and installation of a Surestop stopcock (subject to survey).


“Mrs Fiander of Coxheath” says ‘we have hard water and this has made a huge difference, glasses left on the drainer to dry no longer have water marks. NoCalc should help keep our new bathroom looking like new. It hardly takes up any space too and was so easy for the plumber to install.’